image of Jim Wood

James W. "Jim" Wood (SSN 801169)

Cpl., United States Marine Corps,
1943 - 1944 Company M, 3rd Battalion, Marine Raiders
1944 - 1945 Company I, 4th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Division

"Corporal, I'm proud to have you in my outfit."

James William "Jim" Wood.

This remarkable man served his country with the United States Marine Corps first as a Marine Raider early in the war and served during the Bougainville Campaign of 1943, serving during the Battle of the Piva Trail -- a terrible and bloody engagement. Jim also served on the Koiri Raid of January 1944. He then served in the Battle of Guam in July and August 1944. From Guam, Jim served at Emirau, in the Kavieng Group. Then in April, 1945, Jim took part in the Battle of Okinawa.

After the Battle of Okinawa, Jim was recognized for his actions during this campaign by receiving a Marine Corps Letter of Commendation. At the ceremony, he was paid the highest possible tribute a common soldier can receive by his commanding officer, General Shepherd. The General singled Jim out with the kind words: "Corporal, I'm proud to have you in my outfit."

To Jim, these words meant more to him than any medal that the General could have placed on his chest.

After the Okinawa Campaign, Jim was in one of the first units to set foot on the mainland of Japan...and was thrilled to have his hand salute returned by none other than Admiral Nimitz himself.


Jim served throughout these campaigns -- and survived.

Should you care to read Jim's fascinating story, you may do so by clicking on the link below.

The folks at World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words wish to extend our profound THANKS to Mr. James W. "Jim" Wood for sharing his proud Marine moments with us.

Above image of James W. "Jim" Wood was taken in March 1943 at the Marine Raider Training Camp.


IMAGE of Jim Wood

April 1943. Jim Wood at San Onofre, California -- Raider Training Camp.

IMAGE of Jim Wood in Class A's

1944. Jim Wood in his Class A's. Location is unstated.

IMAGE of the Jim Wood and 3rd Platoon
Click on the above image
for a larger view of the 3rd Platoon

Guadalcanal. Jim Wood and members of the 3rd Platoon, I. Co., 4th Marines. All the men in this image were either killed or wounded in action except Jim who was the only one who did not have to leave the line. Jim is in the middle back row.

IMAGE of Jim Wood

1944. Jim Wood on Guadalcanal.

IMAGE of the Jim Wood and fiend

1944 - Guadalcanal. Jim Wood and George Simpson, 3rd Raider Bn, changed January 1944 to 4th Marine regiment

1945? - Okinawa. Jim Wood shown in a rare color image. The image was believed to taken on Okinawa

Above images provided by Mr. James W. "Jim" Wood. We are grateful for the kind consideration extended by Mr. Wood and his family.

Read James W. "Jim" Wood's U. S. Marine Corps Story.
James W. "Jim" Wood


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